Fourth Grade

History and Culture

    04.HC.01a-g - Video Set (PDF)

    04.HC.03a - Run-to-Rogue Activity (PDF) (Audio)
               Extra file: Run-to-Rogue Points of Interest

    04.HC.03b - Run-to-Rogue History (PDF) (Audio)

    04.HC.03c - Run-to-Rogue Alternate Assignment (PDF) (Audio)

    04.HC.04 - Restoration Pow Wow (PDF) (Audio)

    04.HC.05 - Nee Dash (PDF) (Audio)

    04.HC.06 - Family (PDF) (Audio)
               Extra file: Family Tree Activity
               Extra file: Family Tree

Language Arts

    04.LA.01a - Practical Alphabet-Vowels (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.01b - Practical Alphabet-Glottalization (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.01c - Practical Alphabet-Nasalization (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.01d - Practical Alphabet-Irregulars (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.01e - What's my name (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.02 - Interjections (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.03 - Interrogatives (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.04 - Postpositions (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.05 - Sentence Structure (PDF)

    04.LA.05b - Sentence Structure Race (PDF)

    04.LA.06 - Spelling (PDF)

    04.LA.08 - Word Wall (PDF)

    04.LA.09 - Weekly Oral Dee Ni (PDF) (Audio)

    04.LA.10 - New Words (PDF) (Audio)

Social Studies

    04.SC.03 - Nature (PDF)

    04.SS.02 - Dee Ni Busted (PDF)

    04.SS.03 - Mediation (PDF) (Audio)

    04.SS.04 - Forms and Paperwork (PDF) (Audio)
               Extra file: Field Trip Permission Form

    04.SS.05 - Student Government (PDF)
               Extra file: SVS Constitution

    04.SS.06a - Community (PDF)
               Extra file: Community Mini Report


    04.MA.02 - Shapes (PDF) (Audio)
               Extra file: Shapes Attachment

    04.MA.03 - Calendar (PDF) (Audio)

    04.MA.05 - Planner (PDF)



    04.HE.02 - Let's Eat (PDF)

    04.HE.03 - Body Parts (PDF)
               Extra file: Oh those bones Song

    04.HE.04 - Greetings and Goodbyes (PDF)

    04.HE.05 - Dee Ni Self Assessment (PDF)

Art & Media

    04.AR.02 - Dee Ni Scrapbook (PDF)

    04.AR.03 - TV is Silly (PDF)


    04.AS.01a - Fishing (PDF)

    04.AS.01b - Hunting (PDF)

    04.AS.01c - Nuts (PDF)

    04.AS.01d - Feathers (PDF)

    04.AS.02a - Weaving (PDF)

    04.AS.02b - Regalia (PDF)

    04.AS.02c - Money (PDF)

    04.AS.02d - Cedar (PDF)

    04.AS.03a - Basketry Materials (PDF)

    04.AS.03b - Camas (PDF)

    04.AS.03c - At the Bay (PDF)

    04.AS.03d - Ocean (PDF)

    04.AS.04a - Berries (PDF)
               Extra file: Berries Attachment

    04.AS.04b - Camping (PDF)

    04.AS.05 - Final Activity (PDF)

Community Service

Speaking and Listening

Various Subject Areas